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Lappset is our main and most important partner. Lappset offers high quality playgrounds, its products range from classic wooden structures till high endurance vandal proof steel equipment and also computerized interactive play. Lappset is well known for its materials quality, product long life cycle and innovations both in design and functionality.

Lappset group was founded in 1970 as one man company, and by now it has become one of the biggest playground manufacturers in Europe. Lappset products are being exported to more than 40 countries round the globe and it is well known premium quality brand.

All Lappset products comply with EN 1176 safety norms and are TUV certified.

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CreateScape is UK based company that produces artificial rubber surfaces from recycled materials, its best nown product is SoftBond rubber mulch. Rubber shreds are designed to look like natural wooden bark, can be installed in various colors and is ideal solution as safety surface for play areas. Material can also be used in parks and leisure zones, and as decorative pathways. Products are certified according to EN 1777 standard and are available in various thickness.

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Kraiburg Relastec

Kraiburg is German manufacturer of rubber products which offers high quality rubber surfaces for playgrounds and sports fields. Kraiburg is well known for its rubber tiles in various colors and sizes which serve as safe absorbing surface for play equipment. Kraiburg is one of the leading European producers of rubber tiles and various rubber play products.

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Yalp is relatively small Dutch enterprise, which specializes in production of modern and innivative play elements. Yalp's goal is to design products that offer everyone chance to challenge themselves and have physical activities outdoors. Yalp is experienced company, however they started their own production only in 2006, with aim to develop completely new type of equipment suitable for new generation kids. Currently company offers interactive playground solutions, where computer games are combined with joyful and physical activities outdoors.

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GSWeb is Korean company which produces durable net constructions, net climbers and pyramids. GSWeb has wide product range, and it also provides net components to various well-known European producers. All nets are designed to be safe for kids, those are covered with nylon (polyamide) coating and are available in various colors, all nets have steel reinforcement for safety and durability. With its geometrical constructions and material flexibility, GSWeb products are excellent supplements to every play area and can attract a lot of kids.

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Percussion Play

Percussion Play is small family company from England. Percussion Play is fully devoted to construction of outdoor musical instruments, which provide new musical experiences, sounds and environments for both beginners and young musicians. Percussion Play outdoor music instruments are being sold in more than 30 countries.

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Vudis is very small and new Latvian company producing wooden structure modular houses. Such houses are ideally suitable as holiday cottages, however can be used as good as small studios, office spaces, kiosks or cafes. Vudis goal is to offer premium quality products with contemporary arhitectural and interior solutions.

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Eurotramp Trampoline

Eurotramp Trampoline is our partner, which offers a variety of different shape and size trampolines, which are suitable for use in outdoor, distinguished by high quality and are adaptable to a variety of design solutions.

Company Eurotramp Trampoline is one of the world's leading manufacturers of trampoline that offers trampolines be used for both professional activities (extreme sports for training, parkour for training, etc.) as well as playgrounds, diversifying opportunities for play and sports at the same time.

All Eurotramp Trampoline products comply with EN 1176 safety norms and are TUV certified.

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